Where farm-fresh ingredients sourced from localorganic farmers take center stage. Ourcommitment to quality and flavour isunparalleled, as we craft our sauces with loveand care using only the finest ingredients

farm to table
Fresh Ingredients sourced fromlocal organic farmers

Our Story
My fondest childhood memories was spending time in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother getting to know all the family favourite dishes. These experiences gave me my start inthis culinary world and as I grew older using a modern twist Icreated my own version of those recipes. I have always created authentic international dishes by using fresh, healthy ingredients.

Being a foodie by heart I enjoyed extensive local travels and loved exploring South African cuisine. Some of my favourite memories was when my sons were young, I would allow them to choose a country from the globe and prepare a dish from that country. It was truly great moments watching their faces as we enjoyed the meal around the dining table.

My love for everything chilli is how Colleen’s Handmade Sauces came about. After experimenting in the kitchen looking for theperfect blend minus all the preservatives and nasties found in shop bought sauces I created my all-time favourite Bird’s Eye Chili Sauce which I shared with all the other chilli addicts at the office.

Hummble Beginnings
This led to orders being placed for my homemade chilli sauce, which started off in glass bottles with hand painted black board hearts personalised in white chalk. The love for chilli and the hand painted heart has always stayed with the brand. I took the bold move to leave corporate life to start my sauce business full time.

It has inspired me to become more creative with some of the sauce flavours which is now at 14 different flavour infusions as well as a vegan sugar free mayonnaise range.

A True Farm-to-Table Experience!

Where farm-fresh ingredients sourced from local organic farmers take center stage. Our commitment to quality and flavour is unparalleled, as we craft our sauces with love and care using only the finest ingredients.

Our dedication to supporting local farmers is at the heart of our brand. By sourcing our ingredients locally, we not only promote sustainability but also contribute to thevibrant community of organic farmers who share our passion for wholesome, natural ingredients.